Oil magazines play an important role in minimizing the gender gap in the oil and gas industry. Read more about women’s role in the power sector.

Texas Oil and Gas Magazine: A Closer Look at Women’s Role in the Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and gas prices are continuously changing, but the thing that remains unchanged is the need for technical and non-technical expertise in this field. The oil and gas industry is genderless, as it is not about men or women; it’s about revolution.

Over the years, the energy industry has been dominated by men. The industry has failed to attract and retain women and is thus currently facing a shortage of skills and expertise.

Several oil magazines have highlighted the issue and talked about women’s role in the oil and gas industry. Texas Oil and Gas Magazine talks about the gender gap in this industry and the need to attract a female workforce.

Qualities that Women Can Bring into the Power Sector

Diverse teams perform better, regardless of the industry type. McKinsey research says that companies with more female leaders perform better than their peers. Women can bring different skills and expertise, whether the requirement is on the technical or managerial level. However, women are still underrepresented in the power sector because of the masculine work culture.

The Oil and Gas Journal is a leading oil industry magazine that publishes the latest gas news with worldwide coverage. Besides that, to reduce the gender gap, the Oil Woman Magazine acts as the voice for women to share their achievements. There are several benefits of gender diversity in the power sector, which the Oil Woman Magazine highlights in their recent articles.

Improved Productivity

Productivity levels play an important role in oil and gas operations. The power sector thrives only because of the increase in productivity levels. Plus, the most productive companies are those with the highest gender diversity. A diverse workforce nurtures competition and brings positivity to the environment. The energy industry is more male-dominated because men currently have more field experience. However, if women are given opportunities to showcase their skills in the field, these things will change.


Most oil and gas companies have an aging workforce. In this scenario, they are in danger of being left behind because of the changing demands of the energy sector. Plus, the impact of technology has increased the demand for a diverse workforce. The best gains in innovation are only possible because of diversity since a more diverse workforce brings innovative solutions. People with different skills and backgrounds can come up with ways to solve the issue in many different ways. Women’s skills and expertise can significantly impact the global upstream oil industry.

Top Talent

Oil magazines focus on women’s roles in management, fieldwork, gas operations, and skilled positions in the energy industry. As petroleum engineers, field maintenance engineers, and petrochemical engineers, women can serve the energy industry with their skills and expertise. The promotion of women in the power sector lags at the entry level and throughout the different managerial stages. The inclusion of top talent at the technical and managerial levels can make significant differences in the way a company performs with respect to its peers.

Increased Profits

Many successful petroleum engineers are currently serving the gas industry to increase their profits. Celeste A. Pastorini, a petroleum engineer, is currently working as a field engineer at Schlumberger. She has completed various projects as an engineer and is continuing to optimize world oil production and energy transition in challenging operational environments. Women engineers and technicians can bring their knowledge and efficiency to increase the profits and ROI of gas companies.

In Summary – Making the Energy Sector More Reachable for Women

The oil and gas industry meets one of the most crucial human needs; it creates energy, which is the premier source of everything on earth. Most women in this field agree on one thing: the aim to develop professionally and meet the new challenges in the gas sector. To make the oil and gas industry more accessible for women, the oil industry magazine plays an important role. With the right training and tools, the next generation of women can help make significant gains in the energy industry. The federal government should also provide more facilities and encourage women engineers to enter this field.

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