Tanzania Energy Congress 2023 Hosts Oman JSRS eMarketplace (JeM) to Foster Bilateral Opportunities in Oil, Gas, LNG, and New Energies

The 2023 Tanzania Energy Congress, scheduled for September 20-21, proudly announces the inclusion of the Oman JSRS eMarketplace (JeM) as part of its annual international conference and exhibition. This collaboration underscores the commitment of Oman and Tanzania-Zanzibar to strengthen economic ties and capitalize on opportunities in oil, gas, LNG, and new energies for mutual growth and sustainable development.

Under the patronage of Hon. Dr. Doto Biteko Mashaka, (MP), Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Energy of the United Republic of Tanzania, the Congress is a significant global energy sector meeting in the East African region. A key highlight of this year’s international Exhibition is the inclusion of the Oman JSRS eMarketplace (JeM), a unique digital showcase featuring suppliers certified by Oman’s Ministry of Energy & Minerals’ Joint Supplier Registration System (JSRS).

The partnership between Oman and Tanzania-Zanzibar is built on shared interests, strong diplomatic relations, and a mutual commitment to sustainable development. With abundant natural resources and a strategic geographic location, both nations aim to drive economic prosperity while ensuring environmental sustainability.

The collaboration emphasizes the potential of the oil and gas sectors. Oman’s expertise in these domains coupled with Tanzania-Zanzibar’s emerging potential offers a unique opportunity for growth and diversification.

The Oman JSRS eMarketplace (JeM) Country Pavilion at the Tanzania Energy Congress provides an avenue for Omani and Tanzanian energy sector companies to collaborate, form business partnerships, investments, and project alliances. JeM enhances interaction between the two countries’ companies and fosters experience sharing.

The JeM is a pioneer in showcasing JSRS Certified Companies globally. The JeM Tanzania is digitally enabled by the JeM Mobile App, offering a seamless connection between Congress Delegates and Oman’s O&G Operators, Buyers, and Sector Partners to promote business cooperation.

JeM Tanzania is a golden opportunity for Tanzanian companies to explore and interact with their Omani counterparts and maximize their experience drawn over many years.

Clean energy is a focal point in this collaboration, with an emphasis on LNG. Oman’s experience in LNG production can play a pivotal role in aiding Tanzania-Zanzibar in establishing their LNG facilities, fostering economic growth while minimizing carbon emissions.

Furthermore, the partnership aims to drive innovation in new energy technologies. Focus on research and development in renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and geothermal power aligns with the goal of a greener and more resilient economy. These efforts are expected to attract global investors and bolster energy security for both nations.

The partnership’s positive impact extends beyond economic growth, creating opportunities for cultural exchange and tourism. Mr. Suleyman Al Harthy, ICV Manager at Business Gateways International, emphasizes the potential for sustainable opportunities that benefit future generations.

This collaboration positions Tanzania-Zanzibar as catalysts for strategic energy industry growth in East Africa. The Congress will focus on key updates, including the Linid LNG megaproject, EACOP pipeline developments, and renewable power proposals, inviting international investors to contribute to Tanzania’s sustainable energy economy.

To engage with JSRS Companies on JeM, visit: https://businessgateways.com/JeM/2023/Tanzania 

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About Tanzania Energy Congress

The Tanzania Energy Congress has evolved into East Africa’s most pre-eminent international gathering for the Tanzanian energy sector attracting over 1,000 global attendees from over 30 countries including Ministers from Indonesia, Uganda and Malawi. The world-class conference hosts over 100 speakers and 900 delegates, with more than 20 sessions, keynote addresses, and presentations, which will run alongside a large-scale technology and innovation exhibition with over 100 exhibiting companies. Sponsors include PanAfrican Energy Tanzania, Equinor, EACOP, TotalEnergies, Maurel & Prom, Neway, Songas and Oryx Energies.

The Tanzania Energy Congress will take place in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania from 20-21 September 2023.  www.tanzaniaenergycongress.com  #TanzaniaEnergyCongress #TEC23  @tecevent

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