Over $30m In Trucks And Oilfield Equipment Sold At Auction

Over $30m in Trucks and Oilfield Equipment Sold at Auction

Bidders From All 50 States and 17 Foreign Countries

Odessa, TX saw two competitive auction companies, Machinery Auctioneers and Superior Energy Auctioneers, come together for a common goal. On Tuesday, September 13, 2022, oilfield equipment, trucks, heavy equipment, and other items were auctioned in person and online. The auction saw nearly 2,000 registered bidders from all 50 states and 17 foreign countries.

With over 71,000 catalog views, 498 lots were sold over a single day auction totaling over $30M. With their growing customer base and continued ability to provide high value, competitive auctions to their customers, this past sale provided another indication of the future for the company.

“We partnered with Superior because they’re the leaders in the oilfield industry, and we know trucks like nobody else. We’ve had several customers say this was the most impressive spread of trucks and equipment they’ve seen anywhere this year. We think we delivered that yesterday,” stated Terry Dickerson, CEO Machinery Auctioneers.

In light of the shortage of equipment, trucks and other vital resources necessary for oil production in the Permian Basin, this auction featured many high value lots that were of immense interest to those in the industry. Featured were trucks, coil tubing units, nitrogen and frac pumps, and other oilfield equipment.

For more information go to MachineryAuctioneers.com or SuperiorAuctioneers.com.

Machinery Auctioneers is a locally owned auction service company based in Texas specializing in big trucks, trailers, construction machinery, and oilfield equipment. Since 2010, we have sold over half a billion in equipment at auction.

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