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Fox Thermal Reclaims Identity with New Brand, Vision and Logo

MARINA, Calif. – This week Fox Thermal, a global thermal mass flow meter manufacturer located in Marina, California, is excited to introduce a new brand vision, values, and a logo that reclaims Fox’s brand identity as a dominant player in the flow meter market.  For over 25 years Fox has been a leader in providing customers with innovative and reliable flow meter solutions. And through their unique service capabilities and ability to adapt to economic drivers, they continue to clearly differentiate their offering.

Their bold new brand vision, Make Downtime a Thing of the Past, is a modern spin on the original vision pioneered by Fox Thermal’s founder, Brad Lesko, in 1994. Lesko knew that there was a way to make flow meters that offered customers reduced production downtime in the field and a greatly improved user experience. He and his team achieved this by hand-crafting a more robust sensor in-house and uniting it with an advanced microprocessor for a superior, all-in-one product.

“Make Downtime a Thing of the Past clearly communicates to customers how we approach product design, manufacturing, and service goals. We are committed to making our meters completely ‘field serviceable, so throughput is never compromised”, says Erica Giannini, Director of Marketing.

“Always Responsive, Curious, Engaging, Resourceful, and Adaptable—our amazing team at Fox Thermal generously demonstrates these core values when tackling a new challenge, communicating with customers, or collaborating with partners. Just like the fox that is pictured in abstract in our new logo, the Fox Thermal team is clever and resourceful. They get the job done by overcoming obstacles, quickly and skillfully,” Erica added.

Fox’s Branding update includes:

  • New logo that reclaims Fox brand identity with sleek, abstract Fox imagery
  • Refreshed website with simplified navigation to search by application or product
  • Flow Meter Configurator to quickly specify the right product
  • New about us page to highlight Fox’s vision and brand journey
  • Redesigned datasheets with modern look and feel for easier readability
  • Updated product labeling to roll out this year

Today, Fox Thermal’s new vision, values, and logo represent its continuing legacy of innovation, efficiency, and effective marketing penetration of flow markets.


As a manufacturer of thermal mass flow meters for domestic and global markets for over 25 years, Fox Thermal provides resourceful solutions for industrial process, oil & gas, wastewater, and biogas applications. With the rapidly expanding demand for process accuracy and efficiency, we take the time to help customers eliminate downtime and achieve their vision.

More information on Fox Thermal can be found at

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