May 17 - 18 2022

Williston Basin Petroleum Conference

WBPC 2022 in Regina will host more than 500 business and technical delegates from Canada and the USA all coming together to learn from one another and do business.

The theme in 2022 is ‘Energy from the Earth‘. 

The Williston Basin Conference will see the event focus more strongly on all the sources of energy in the earth – from the potential for geothermal from reservoirs in Canada and the US, to the burgeoning lithium extraction industry in Saskatchewan, to CO2 storage to help mitigate emissions in oil and gas, and finally to identifying and exploiting other subsurface commodities like helium and hydrogen.

The conference will showcase technical innovation centered around emissions reduction, CO2 sequestration, enhanced EOR, helium, hydrogen, geothermal, as well as advancements in heavy oil, light and tight oil, advanced energy systems and advanced technologies.

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