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Sep 27 2023


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Immersive Technology for Oil & Gas Summit

Emergence of immersive technologies, digital twins, and connected worker solutions is revolutionizing operations, by enabling organizations to visualize and interact with digital representations of physical assets and equipment in unprecedented detail, across multiple complex, hazardous, and remote environments.

Join us for the Immersive Technology for Oil & Gas Summit to hear industry leaders share best practice strategies and exchange know-hows to optimize workforce training, improve safety, enhance decision-making, and increase collaboration and communication.

Although operators are leveraging disruptive technology such as AR, VR, XR, Computer Vision, Edge Devices, Digital Twins, IIoT, Wearables and Connected Worker Tools, to support and develop optimized and sustainable workforce operations, adopting solutions at scale requires strategy, investment, infrastructure, resources, talent and partners to convince stakeholders and encourage user acceptance.

As operators learn how to overcome their rising immersive technology challenges, Oilwoman Magazine will be hearing valuable insights from attendees and meeting expert speakers from leading oil & gas organizations to aid them in creating an effective immersive strategy.

Early confirmed speakers include:

  • Dane Laughlin, Operations Transformation Product Leader at INVISTA
  • Vitor do Valle, Head of Centre of Excellence in UX and Digital Technology at Petrobras
  • Amit Jain, Functional Advisor Digital Twin Development and Deployment at Chevron
  • Kat Duggan, Manufacturing Digital Transformation Leader at Dow
  • Andres Suarez, VR/AR Integration Engineer at Shell

Join Oilman Magazine at the Immersive Technology for Oil & Gas Summit to hear best practice strategies to digitally enable workforces of the future for collaborative, efficient, safe, and sustainable operations

Find out more and register using our 15% discount code OILWOMAN15 by visiting, email or call +44 (0) 113 3970 379 for more details.


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