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**Long personal post ahead.**
The SECRET is out. I am pregnant.

Why did I hide it from everyone for seven months? Because I was scared. Scared of what my clients, coworkers and employer would think.

I waited to be in my 30s to have my first child because I always wanted to put my career first and felt that it would be harder to have a family [while] navigating promotions and my professional journey.

But why did I feel embarrassed and scared to share such great news when it was something we so deeply wanted?

It frustrates me that most women feel the same way I did when it’s their turn. We feel like our career may take a turn and stall or end.

It’s normal to feel like that, in my opinion, because I see it all around me. Women who leave on maternity sometimes come back in a “crappier” role or have a harder time with promotions because they have other challenges.

I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and be proud of my decision. I told myself that at the end of the day, it’s up to me to achieve my goals regardless of having a baby. It’s up to me to come back stronger and keep navigating my career the way I WANT IT.

The amount of love, support and encouragement I’ve gotten from my employer and clients are insane! Seriously, it was ALL in my head!

I know I can do it and so can you. Watch ME.

Note from the editor: Massiel Diez posted this message, along with this photo, on her LinkedIn profile in June. It has been lightly edited and reprinted here with her permission. Congratulations to Diez and her husband, Tim Taylor, on the birth of their daughter, Skye Taylor, born July 30, 2021, in Houston, Texas!

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