Interview with Brandy Miles, INTE’ Measurement Consulting, LLC

Interview with Brandy Miles, INTE’ Measurement Consulting, LLC

Rebecca Ponton: Tell us a little bit about your current position and what you do.

Brandy Miles: Having earned a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and accumulating over two decades of immersion in the oil and gas sector, I have cultivated a deep expertise in gas measurement and midstream operations. In my role as a gas measurement analyst consultant at INTE’ Measurement Consulting, I specialize in delivering remote electronic flow measurement (EFM) services to a diverse range of clients, spanning from small enterprises to large midstream companies. My paramount focus is on guaranteeing the precision and reliability of data collection and reporting, thereby empowering our clients with accurate insights essential for their operational success.

My core competencies include data management, analysis, and integration, regulatory compliance, industry standards, and software applications such as FlowCal, SCADA, Testit, RocLink and more. I have delivered successful projects and driven business growth for various companies, thanks to my technical skills, operational knowledge and customer service orientation. I enjoy working with diverse teams and stakeholders, and I am always eager to learn new technologies and best practices. My mission is to help clients optimize their gas measurement processes and systems and achieve operational excellence.

RP: What inspired you to start a career in the oil and gas industry?

BM: I started my career in a little town in Louisiana working as a customer service representative for the local gas company, which at that time was called ARKLA. I was going to school to be a social worker but decided to change my career path. I discovered that I enjoyed figuring out workarounds for the software that we were using at that time. The technology for the back office side 20 years ago was just in the beginning stages of assisting in the day-to-day operations. I decided to pursue my bachelor’s degree in information technology as I grew with the company and moved from the operations side to the pipeline side.

Interview with Brandy Miles, INTE’ Measurement Consulting, LLC

I enjoy working in this industry because of the good folks who join to complete a project from start to finish. We are a family in my experience of being in the industry. You can be 20 years old and your coworker could be 60, so talk about getting hands-on knowledge from a subject matter expert – an expert who’s been there before we had the technology we are using today. I had a co-worker who dealt with EFM chart measurement where they had to be hunched over a machine to read the volume (laughs). No college degree will ever give you all the knowledge you need; it’s all in your co-worker’s memories or his notebook in his truck.

RP: How did you decide to become a gas measurement analyst consultant?

BM: I lost my partner during the COVID-19 pandemic and immediately I became a one-parent home to my son. At that time, I had to leave corporate to help my son as we adjusted to our new normal.

However, I knew that there was a shortage of qualified gas measurement analysts. I had worked with the FlowCal gas measurement software for almost a decade, and I didn’t want my knowledge and workarounds to go away.

As I mentioned earlier, the industry is a family regardless of your race, gender and culture because we join to finish a project. So, I decided to join forces with others, and INTE’ Measurement Consulting was created.

The industry must offer a more work/life balance environment. FlowCal powered by Quorum offered the solution because the software offers a cloud-based solution. I knew that this would be the future a decade ago when we were moving from server rooms and desktop applications.

Another key factor was the shortage of qualified gas measurement analysts because it takes years of knowledge to understand the numbers you see in a gas volume statement, which tell you a story of what’s going on out in the field. It takes a certain type of skill set to train your eyes. The industry, in my opinion, has some work to do to bring in the younger generation into the gas measurement sector. Gas measurement is the cash register in this industry, so you must make sure your balances, analysis and EFM data are SOX compliance.

We are the future for midstream companies who want to add INTE’ as an adjacent to their existing measurement team. Companies can save money on the hiring expenses of a new employee. The retention rate of employees now is two to five years. We can help with that turnaround rate because INTE’ is here for the long haul. We care about our producers, EFM data, and the men and women in the field. LinkedIn has been a very powerful tool for our clients to find our services. We offer short-term and long-term work assignments. With FlowCal powered by Quorum becoming the leading upstream and midstream software, we can help you with your integration needs.

RP: How accepting do you think the oil and gas industry is for women?

BM: I believe the industry is accepting of the knowledge and skill set that women bring to the industry. I enjoy seeing women who are stepping from behind the desk and working in the field.

RP: The oil and gas industry has numerous conferences and events. Have you attended any of them? If so, how useful do you find them and what’s your takeaway?

BM: Yes, I enjoy attending the Gas Measurement Fundamentals and EFM practices conferences. In 2023, Quorum hosted its first Qnect Measurement which was very informative for end users of FlowCal for our gas measurement needs.

RP: What direction do you feel the role and expertise of a qualified gas measurement analyst will play in the future in the upstream and midstream sector?

BM: I believe we will still have some work to do to recruit the younger generation into our industry. So, the expertise of a consultant who’s a qualified gas measurement analyst will bridge the gap of the shortage that we are experiencing as the Baby Boomers retire from the industry. We are losing a wealth of knowledge and good storytelling folks from the industry. INTE’ Measurement’s mission is to attract and train the younger generation to become a gas measurement analyst while offering them the chance to work 100 percent remotely. Check us out on our website or on LinkedIn.

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