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A Robotics Entrepreneur

7:00 am: By the time I get online, our European engineering team is already up and working, and our early bird Houston teammates have begun sending emails. I love our diverse and global team but learning not to check email immediately after waking up has been a difficult lesson to…

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Founder and President -

Dianna Liu is the founder and president of ARIX Technologies, a robotic inspection company using pipe-crawlers and a data analytics software platform to help manufacturing companies better manage corrosion and schedule maintenance. Prior to founding ARIX, Liu was an engineer for ExxonMobil with roles in logistics/operations and engineering. She also has had R&D experience in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries and prior entrepreneurship experience in founding and managing a 20-year-old continuously operating online game. Liu holds dual mechanical and biomedical engineering degrees from Duke University and an MBA from Yale University.

3 Ways Technology is Going to Shape the Oil and Gas Industry Free to Download Today

Oil and gas operations are commonly found in remote locations far from company headquarters. Now, it's possible to monitor pump operations, collate and analyze seismic data, and track employees around the world from almost anywhere. Whether employees are in the office or in the field, the internet and related applications enable a greater multidirectional flow of information – and control – than ever before.

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